The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

If you have calves that are athletic or plus size, you know how frustrating it can be to locate a retailer that sells boots in your size. Most people in your situation are forced to turn to internet sources to find footwear that satisfies their needs. Some online stores have unclear sizes, displaying only the fact that the boots are "extra wide calf boots" but failing to explain the exact measurements corresponding with shoe size. If you want to look fabulous and chic in a beautiful new pair of boots that fit you like a glove, you need to understand what measurements go along with size differentiations.

Wide calf boots are considered the first size option for plus size women or those with athletically-sized calves. A 16- to 18.25-inch measurement is what this size refers to, with shoe sizes ranging from 6M to 12W. This is what you need if you simply require a little extra room for the zipper to close at the top of the boot. If you need a little more room, extra wide calf boots are for you, measuring 17.5 inches for 6M shoes size to 20 inches for size 13WW. For an even roomer selection, super wide calf boot exist with a range of 18 inches to 21 inches for sizes 6M to 13WW.

There are many different styles that you can find in extra wide calf boots. Simply because you are unable to purchase stylish boots from a traditional retailer should not mean you are forced to live without the styles you enjoy the most. Since a fairly precise measurement of your calf is so important to finding the perfect product, you need to purchase from a retailer that gives you all the information you need on every design so you can make the right selection. This is particularly important if you are purchasing from an over-seas location, but no matter where you live, returns are frustrating and you obviously want to avoid them at all costs.

You may become attached to a boot design with embossed material at the top and an elegant buckle. Boots for formal occasions abound at the right online retail store. Casual-wear boots are also highly in fashion. Different materials range from weather-resistant leather to ultra soft suede. Wear your fashionable footwear to the movies, out to dinner with your significant other or lunch with the girls. No matter the event, you can show off your extra wide calf boots in comfort and unparalleled style.

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