Maintaining Your Handbags

Maintaining Your Handbags

Walking through your favorite department store in the mall, you stride through each section of the large store on a mission to find the perfect handbag in the accessories department. Your stride slows when you reach a stopping point along one of the many isles cluttered with fabulous handbags, A nicely colored leather handbag with gold metal rivets at the bottom screams for you to purchase it. Immediately, you scope up your new prized possession and stroll confidently to the cash register.

Excited about your new purchase, you discover clothing in your wardrobe, which complements the handbag just right. After you have worn it a couple of times, you find it necessary to retire the handbag to its rightful place in your closet. Instead of leaving it stuffed away on a shelf or in a box in your closet, you should take extra precautions to ensure that your favorite and most prized handbag is in top shape.

Knowing exactly how to maintain the lustrous appearance of your handbags permits a longer life for each handbag. The bottom inside of handbags guzzles dirt and other debris. The brush attachment from your vacuum cleaner or a lint roller brush can clean away the debris in the interior of your handbag. Zipper teeth on a handbag may become dull and hard to zip up. Rub a piece of natural beeswax over the zipper's teeth to keep them working smoothly.

Finding a local shoe repair or bag repair shop can soothe your worries and often provide answers for your handbag anxiety. Local bag and shoe repair shops replate hardware to cover flaws, like metal cracks and deep scratches. Leather conditioning cream is a great investment purchased from a shoe repair shop and helps to maintain the appearance of a leather handbag. Purchase a neutral shoe polish to add a little shine to any color leather handbag.

Make sure you apply the polish with a soft piece of fabric like cheesecloth, then clean the polish off using the dry piece of the cheesecloth.

In addition, the bottom of your handbag should be maintained. Protect the bottom of your handbag by having a repair shop add feet. Feet are metal rivets placed into the base of your handbag, creating a more stable base.

Patent leather handbags should be well maintained just as the leather handbags. Use a clean piece of cheesecloth, dipped in white vinegar to clean patent leather handbags. Remove vinegar with the clean and dry section of the same cheesecloth fabric.

If your handbag did not come with a flannel dust-bag, place your handbags in cotton pillowcases before placing them in a bin or box. When you are not using your handbag, sustain the shape by placing bubble wrap or tissue paper in the inside. Taking these simple steps can extend the life of your favorite handbag.

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Cassandra Hawkins-Wilson is an image consultant and president of Sensational Image Consulting Inc, based in the Metro Jackson, Mississippi Area. Since 2007, she aids clients on image, personal management, and communication. A seminar leader published author, and motivational speaker, she focuses on educating clients on the importance of maintaining a well-polished image. Cassandra's firm belief in helping others achieve their goals fuels her work as a consultant. She states, "The way you look is detrimental to the way people treat you and to your success in life."

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