How To Purchase And Distinguish Bags

How To Purchase And Distinguish Bags

The idea of wearing or not a bag in your wedding day is still controversial. On one hand, some women say that the bag is an important accessory to complete any outfit, including your wedding day, when it is better to have a few objects at your disposal. On the other hand, all those necessary items could be held by your mother or the bride's maids, so there are some voices claiming that the purse of the bag is a useless accessory for a bride. This is why you will need to learn How to distinguish bags, so you can make your choice accordingly. However if you are among those women who believe that it is important to carry the bag then here are some of the tips discussed to make a better choice of the bag.

How to distinguish bags: comfort

First, think about the comfort and choose a bag that is easy to wear. You have three general choices: the envelope handbag that must be held in your hands all the time. The handbag with a medium sized belt that can be held in your hand and the bag with a long belt that must be worn on the shoulder are surely great choices. Make it sure that you are making a right choice. Try to avoid those handbags that have large number of accessories on it and you must consider that the bag suit your dress. It is better to choose a simple and elegant bag instead of a big one that will become a burden. Otherwise you may feel awkward when see at the pictures after few years.

How to distinguish bags: color

The bag color is very much important as well. Majority of the women choose white colored bags to match them with their bridal dress but it is not compulsory to do so. You just need to consider that the color should enhance the effect of your dress. However the bag must also be elegant if the dress look is elegant. If you have made choice of the non traditional dress then you can make a different kind of choice for the bag as well. Use the bag to keep the objects that are strictly necessary, such as napkins, lipstick, so you could refresh your look whenever you need. Also keep a needle and a thread along with you for an emergency purpose. Let the other things that are less important be carried by your mother or friends.

How to distinguish bags: silhouette

Did you know that the handbag must be chosen considering your silhouette? And this thing is not only to be considered when choosing the wedding bag but it must be kept in mind whenever purchasing the bag. If you are short and skinny, avoid the big bags, especially those with short handlers. Choose the bags with a long handler, or the envelope bags. Clutch is the best choice if you are choosing bag for the wedding. Long handle bags look great on the talk and slim people. If you are a little over weighted, avoid small bags. It is better to make choice of the small or clutch bags in that case.

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